Anchorages in Tierra del Fuego [material cartográfico] engraved by Davies & Company.

Anchorages in Tierra del Fuego
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Insertos: Desolate Bay Burnt island anchorage.-- Townshend Harbour.-- Doris Cove.-- Darwing Sound Baleines Bay.-- Beagle Channel Romanche Bay.-- March Harbour.-- Voilier Cové.-- Stewart Harbour.-- Fleuriais Bay.-- Beagle Channel Awalakirre Cove.-- Beagle Channel Approaches to Ushuwaia.-- Indian Bay.-- Coralie Cove.-- Lapataïa Bay.-- St. Martin Cove.-- Banner Cove.-- Orange Bay.-- Lort Bay.-- Port Maxwell.-- Packsaddle Bay.-- Otter, Seagull & Romanche Anchorages.-- Good Success Bay.-- Lenox Cove.-- Goree Road.-- Middle Cove.-- Scourfield and Hately Bays.

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Anchorages in Tierra del Fuego / [material cartográfico] engraved by Davies & Company. London : The Admiralty, 1886. 1 mapa .



Colección: Mapoteca / Colección General

Materias: Cartas náuticas

Tipo de objeto: Material cartográfico

Año: 1886

Datos de publicación: London : The Admiralty, 1886.


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BN Código: MP0001681

N° Sistema: 966312


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